See For Yourself

The Great Artesian Basin (GAB) is a huge reservoir of water underlying 22% of Australia, the driest continent on Earth. Gas companies are drilling through the GAB and other aquifers to extract water then gas.

Governments support this industry despite growing community concerns. A diverse group of people from all walks of life, of all ages and political persuasions are passionate about preserving the GAB and other underground water systems for future generations. It’s a David and Goliath battle with farmers and protectors challenging big corporations and government. 

This website aims to inform you about the risks of coal seam gas and encourage you to take a self-drive tour through the gas fields. See for yourself what is happening to our environment and communities. 

Conventional gas has been extracted above the Great Artesian Basin since 1900. Unconventional gas, such as coal seam gas (CSG), has been extracted above and below it since 2009. CSG needs more infrastructure than conventional gas. CSG requires vast amounts of salty toxic water called ‘waste water’ to be brought to the surface before the gas can be tapped. The disposal of this waste water and the number of wells perforating the Basin are of major concern to the protectors of the Great Artesian Basin.