Roma – Info & Attractions

roma rig 2Roma, situated in southwest Queensland has an average annual rainfall of 600mm. A bore was first drillled into the Great Artesian Basin during the drought in 1900 to replenish the town’s water supply. Drillers found water, gas and a small amount of oil. Roma is known as the birth place of Australia’s oil and gas industry. See Roma Gas & Oil History.

Today Roma’s main industries are cattle, crops and gas. The conventional gas industry has depleted its resources of natural gas and gas companies are now extracting coal seam gas. This gas is piped to Gladstone where it is processed into LNG (liquid natural gas) for export.

The Big Rig

2 Riggers Road, Roma

Roma proudly displays the history of Australia’s early gas and oil exploration at The Big Rig, a tourist information centre on the outskirts of town. Drill rigs, steam engines, pumps and trucks from different eras are on display. The Big Rig was started by volunteers but has since been taken over by the local council. A Night Show is held every evening, weather permitting.

roma sale yardsRoma Saleyards

Warrego Highway, Roma

Roma Saleyards is Australia’s biggest cattle selling complex with with 275,258 cattle sold through the yards in the 2019/20 financial year. Cattle sales are held every Tuesday commencing at 8am, with special sales such as Bull Sales, Herd Dispersal Sales and Special Breed Sales held according to demand.

On Tuesdays from 8.30am, retired cattlemen offer visitors’ a free tour of the saleyards. Recommended to arrive at 8.15am and ring prior for any changes Ph 07 4622 8676.

The Roma Saleyards Interpretive Centre is open every day, including weekends, between 8am and 5pm. For up to date information call administration Ph 07 4624 0402

roma bottle tree 2Heroes Avenue

Roma’s Wyndham and Bungil Streets are lined with 93 hardy native bottle trees (Brachychiton rupestre) – each a memorial to a local World War I soldier. A cairn, located outside the Post Office near the corner of McDowell and Wyndham Streets, lists the names of the soldiers. It is believed that the first tree was planted outside the Post Office in 1918. This tree is now known locally as the Tree of Knowledge. Bottle trees are for sale throughout the town.