Miles Historical Village and Museum
141 Murilla St, Miles Qld

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Hidden behind the Miles Information Centre is an Historical Village and Museum. Old houses and shops have been moved from around the district to form an old town.

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Every day articles and models dressed in period costumes add to the displays. Everything has been restored, maintained and managed by a team of volunteers with some help from the local council. It’s a credit to this community.

A Great Artesian Basin Interpretative Centre, sponsored partly by mining companies, was opened in 2020 as part of the Miles Historical Village and Museum.

Bulliac Angus

no trespass

Jo Hill, an Angus cattle breeder from Miles, refused to negotiate with or allow anyone from the CSG companies onto his property. He has a big ‘No Trespassing’ sign at his gate. One of the four gas companies that have an exploration licence over his land was forced to put a bend in their pipeline to skirt his property. Known locally as ‘Joe’s Bend’, it is not visible from a public road.

The surrounding properties all have gas wells and irrigation ponds. In May 2015 a neighbour’s irrigation ring tank burst its banks, spilling treated water from CSG mining onto Joe’s property. Luckily Joe is not reliant on underground water. Joe conducts annual Angus sales on his property in August.