Over five years, Chinchilla went from a prosperous rural town, to a booming mining town, to a welfare town. Situated in the fertile Darling Downs, the town is surrounded by thriving agricultural businesses, watermelon farms, cattle feedlots and crops for stock fodder. Some of the land is regarded as prime agricultural land.

When coal seam gas extraction was introduced to the district around 2010 the town boomed and many new houses were built. When the construction phase of the mining boom was over in 2014 the town had an oversupply of housing. In 2015 rental properties were so cheap people on welfare were advised to move there.

Do not drive off the roads around Chinchilla. Gas and water pipes often run parallel with the roads. When a trench is dug in this area, the sandy loam soil is put through a machine to get rid of the debris and it never compacts. Vehicles and stock get bogged with only a small amount of rain.

Buy bottled water as CSG waste water is piped into the town water supply.

Accommodation and free camping available.