Stand with Gomeroi against Santos

Santos CEO, Kevin Gallagher is meeting with the NSW Premier this week to talk about the approval of the Narrabri Gas Project.

This project has united Gomeroi people, farmers, environmentalists, Unionists, scientists and economists in opposition to 850 coal seam gas wells being drilled in the Pilliga region. Continue reading


Santos ramps up gas production in Pilliga

Santos has ramped up gas extraction in the Pilliga Forest under its exploration licence, deploying a type of drilling rig known as a flushby rig 40km south of Narrabri. They are conducting production enhancement and well suspensions, industry jargon for remedial works aimed at preparing gas wells for production. Continue reading

New Pilliga film and other news

The Pilliga Project is a terrific film about the Pilliga Forest, the Narrabri Gas Project, how gas impacts water, the environment and communities and how it will spread to the north west food bowl. It also highlights the spread of gas mining around Australia. Please share widely. Continue reading