Santos AGM Protest

koala in Sydney

Koala in a tree outside the Santos Sydney office

Protests were held outside the Santos offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney and Narrabri on Wednesday 4th May to correspond with their AGM in Adelaide. The protests were well attended by people calling on the company to abandon their CSG projects.

Santos shares dropped 9%. Santos has written down most of the value of the Narrabri coal seam gas project. According to Matt Chambers in the Australian, the work program is to slow down due to ‘community opposition, government hurdles and field underperformance’.

David Paull and Naomi Tarrant were arrested on three charges in The Pilliga and released on bail of $1000. They had locked onto a car with no wheels outside the Santos Depot. David, an ecologist, resigned from the NSW Department of Environment in 2014. He wrote an article in the Independent Australia Wizards of Bridge Street, which explains NSW’s magical mining approval process.

Protesters in NSW say they will continue the fight until the Narrabri CSG project is closed.