Expert Panel concerned about CSG impacts

photo-1-3Many of the concerns raised in objections to the Narrabri Gas Project  have also been raised by the Commonwealth Government’s Independent Expert Scientific Committee. The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Project lacks baseline data and reveals an inadequate groundwater monitoring system, leading to modelling uncertainty.

Objectors are calling for no decision to be made on this Project until frequent monitoring over at least another three years, preferably five, provides adequate baseline data. More data needs to be collected on the geology, hydrology and stygofauna of the area to prove that this industry will not put the water resources at risk now or into the future. The data needs to be made public, and be further scrutinised by independent scientists.

Link to Independent Expert Scientific Committee on the Narrabri Gas Project EIS

Sydney Morning Herald article by Peter Hannam – ‘Low Confidence’: Expert panel raises concerns about Santos’ coal seam gas impacts