Spring into the Pilliga

no csgSpring into the Pilliga was held 10-12 November at Pilliga Pottery. Around 250 attended the event, participating in tours of the area, bushwalking, workshops and a campaign planning meeting. 

Numbers swelled to over 300 people for the action to form a human sign in Bohena Creek. Later bags, representing toxic salt, were dumped at Santo’s gate at their Leewood property to highlight that the disposal of the salt taken out of the coal seams is of major concern.

photo (11)

This event was a credit to all the organisers. It was informative, fun and inclusive of local farmers, indigenous people, townspeople, Knitting Nannas and people from all walks of life. The food was fabulous and the crowd, although angry with Santos and the government, were respectful of each other and many new friendships were made.