Petition: Against the Narrabri Gas Project


Support the 98% of regional communities against the Narrabri Gas Project

Download and print a copy of the Petition: Against the Narrabri Gas Project. Sign and get as many signatures as you can to help stop this industry spreading across NSW.

Petitions of more than 10,000 signatures must be tabled for discussion in the house. As the project received 23,000 submissions against it, we expect to achieve this goal.

It’s a paper petition because –
1. Governments tend to ignore online petitions
2. Delivering a paper petition to parliament offers good media opportunities.

Please return to the address on the petition or drop into the Sydney Knitting Nannas at Martin Place, Sydney between 11am – 1pm on Fridays by 20th July so it can be collated ready for parliament sitting dates starting on 7 August.  Photocopies and scans are not accepted by parliament.Please do not change the petition in any way as this will make it invalid. It has been approved by the Table Office of the Legislative Assembly.