EV Charger coming to Narrabri

Electric Vehicle charging company, Fimer has awarded Geni.Energy a new EV charger for the Narrabri community!!! Fimer has installed over 50,000 of their Italian-made chargers across the world, and now they want to come to Australia – AND NARRABRI!!

The aim of the local not-for-profit organisation, Geni.Energy, is to create new local jobs and investment from renewables. They recently held a webinar about Electric Vehicles Made Easy in Northwest NSW and it is now available on their You Tube Channel.

Prominent Narrabri local, Dr Okwun Ojah has owned a Tesla electric car since 2017. Speaking at the Geni.Energy EV webinar, Dr Ojah said, “I love this car. It is beautiful, the torque is mind blowing, the software in amazing, it is cheap to run, there is no maintenance and the most incredible thing about it is – it dances! ”

Dr Ojah is one of about 20,000 Australians to have purchased an electric vehicle (EV) since 2011. Australia has been slow on the uptake, with electric car sales accounting for only 0.7 per cent of the market in 2020. In Norway, which has long driving distances similar to Australia, electric cars account for 77 percent of all new car purchases.

With an increase in the number of charging stations across the country, more models on the market, and incentives being offered by State governments, sales in Australia are now starting to forge ahead. More EVs were sold in the first six months of 2021 than in all of 2020.

Geni.Energy media release