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School Science Project

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Produced salt and water

A school science project has been launched to enable Years 9 to 12 to understand some of the impacts of coal seam gas on the environment.

Using the Narrabri Gas Project’s Environmental Impact Statement they calculate the amount of salt and water extracted from the coal seam, research reverse osmosis and evaluate environmental effects.

You too can do this project and then have your say about this project by writing a submission to the NSW government. Click here for Science Project and submission information.


Santos EIS Submissions

photo-4The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for Santos’ Narrabri Gas Project in now online. Public submissions can be made up until 22 May. Environmental groups are calling for an extension due to the size of the EIS and the affects it will have on communities, productive farmland and water sources, including the Great Artesian Basin.

Concerns include the integrity of 850 wells drilled through the Great Artesian Basin to the coal seam below; the ‘treated’ waste water being allowed to run into the creek and river system; and the location of the landfill where the left over solid toxic salts will be buried. During a two year peak period, Santos estimates 2.5 B-double truck loads of toxic salt will be buried in landfill a day. Will this landfill site be near you?

The Pilliga Update


Gas flare in The Pilliga

Nearly a year has passed since my last visit to the Pilliga and there are some notable changes. All the old rusted well heads have been cleaned up and painted dark green or hidden in boxes of the same colour. Many more signs are displayed on well gates, and line the roads where the pipes are laid. The new reverse osmosis plant installed by Santos last year is mostly hidden from public view, but it is clearly temporary as it is made up of a series of containers. Compared to the enormous Queensland plants, it is a toy. In conclusion, the Narrabri Gas Project is a neat, pretty gas field, with minimal infrastructure. It may fool politicians and the public but investors are not stupid, they have been to a real gas field and this isn’t one yet. Continue reading

Santos submits EIS

Santos submitted an Environmental Impact Statement for their Narrabri Gas Project on February 1, claiming to be able to supply 50% of NSW gas. It is expected to be released for submissions from the public in the coming weeks. The Narrabri community has been promised $120M for community projects and initiatives.

Santos media release

Vigil location moves

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The weekly Friday vigil outside Santos office in Sydney has been moved to Martin Place from 11am to 1pm. After two weeks the Knitting Nannas and others have found that more people in this location want to engage with them and learn more. So come along and have a chat. Some of the Knitting Nannas went to the Knitting Nanna’s conference in Chinchilla last weekend so they have the latest information on what is happening in Queensland.